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Update: Nov 3, Press Release - Neocutis Deceptive in Public Response...

Original Press Release: October 27, 2009  (En Español) 


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Aborted fetal material used in anti-wrinkle cream

(Tennessee)  Children of God for Life announced today that Neocutis, a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology and skin care is using aborted fetal cell lines to produce several of their anti-aging skin creams.

14 Wk Gestation Baby

“It is absolutely deplorable that Neocutis would resort to exploiting the remains of a deliberately slaughtered baby for nothing other than pure vanity and financial gain,, stated Executive Director Debi Vinnedge. “There is simply no moral justification for this.”

For years Children of God for Life has been a watchdog on pharmaceutical companies using aborted fetal cell lines in medical products and they have received thousands of inquiries from the public on the use of aborted fetal material in cosmetics. 

Until now, this was the first time they have encountered any company bold enough to put the information right on their own website and product literature.  A quick investigation into the science behind the products revealed the shameless data.

Neocutis’ key ingredient known as “Processed Skin Proteins” was developed at the University of Luasanne from the skin tissue of a 14-week gestation electively-aborted male baby donated by the University Hospital in Switzerland.  Subsequently, a working cell bank was established, containing several billion cultured skin cells to produce the human growth factor needed to restore aging skin.

Neocutis attempted to mollify the public by stating their biopsy sample was "no bigger than a postage stamp."  (See sidebar picture that puts this into perspective - its nearly the size of the entire back of a 14-week gestation baby.)

The list of products using the cell line include: Bio-Gel, Journee, Bio-Serum, Prevedem, Bio Restorative Skin Cream and Lumiere.  But Vinnedge is calling for a full boycott of all Neocutis products, regardless of their source.

“There is absolutely no reason to use aborted babies for such selfish motives,” Vinnedge said. “It is anti-life, anti-woman and counter-productive as Neocutis is about to find out!”

Children of God for Life is calling on rival cosmetic companies to take advantage of some free advertising by their company. 

“We know there are companies using moral sources for collagen and skin proteins. We intend to publicly promote these other cosmetic companies competing with Neocutis that are willing to step forward and contact us.”

Meanwhile Vinnedge advises women who are using Neocutis products to throw them in the garbage and to contact the company to express their concerns.

In addition she advised, “Contact some of these competing companies and ask them to verify their products are morally produced.  If they are willing to commit to it in writing, they will get our endorsement.”

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Take Action - Contact Neocutis:

Frédéric-Edouard Koehn, CEO
Neocutis Inc.

3053 Fillmore Street # 140

San Francisco CA 94123


Phone: 1-866-636-2884


http://www.neocutis.com/contact.php or general emails to: info@neocutis.com


Not sure what to say?     Read our Letter To Neocutis for a few ideas.



Want to hit them where it really hurts?  Contact their Investors:

Genevest Consulting Group
6, Cours des Bastions
1205 Geneva, Switzerland


VI Partners AG
Postfach 2146
Baarerstrasse 86
6302 Zug

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