The Homicide of Terri Schindler-Schiavo

By Debi Vinnedge As Holy Week begins and we reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ, it is especially appropriate to remember another person who eight years ago at this time was subjected to a tortuous, brutal and heinous death – one whose anniversary falls this year on Easter Sunday: Terri Schindler-Schiavo. And just as

Supreme Court Declines hearing on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding

“We ask you to join us in thanking Dr. Sherley and Dr. Deisher, who fought the good fight and courageously risked their careers to stand for the truth that every life is sacred and worthy of protection under our laws.” Sherley, “We Can Find Common Ground”   January 8, 2013   After three long years,

Chickenpox Vaccine Use is Highly Statistically Related to Autism Disorder

“What the graphs show you is that in almost every state in the US, the use of chickenpox vaccine is directly related to the number of children diagnosed with autism disorder in each year during which chickenpox vaccine use rose from 0% until it reached its maximum use. I’ll say that again, for emphasis: as

FDA approves new Novartis cell based flu vaccine – morally produced

(Clearwater Fl) Children of God for Life announced today that a new flu vaccine, Flucelvax produced by Novartis uses a morally produced mammal-based cell line rather than chick embryo.  The proprietary cell line called MDCK (Madin Darby Canine Kidney) has been used for decades in vaccine production and offers a moral alternative to aborted fetal

The Greater Evil: The Third Party Candidate

One might compare this to a person who notices 10 people in the water drowning. His lifeboat only has room for seven so does he say, “Well I can’t save them all so I will let them all drown?” Would he not instead try to save as many as possible?

Reprogramming Pro-lifer’s Minds – Part II

In response to the latest erroneous reporting on reprogramming of adult stem cell cells: Should Pro-Life People Object to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells?  we offer our comments to Ms Taylor’s line of thinking which is grossly misinformed.  Beginning with her points, our comments of response follow…. Taylor: So what are some of the pro-life

Reprogrammed stem cells are no pro-life panacea

For Immediate Release:  Sept 10, 2012 (Clearwater, FL) Children of God for Life is reporting that recent news stories touting the success of turning adult blood into embryonic-like stem cells is once again, off the mark as far as being research done in a fully moral manner.  In various publications, writers noted last week that

New DVD Exposes Truth on Aborted Fetal Vaccines

Brand new at Children of God for Life!  Ever wanted us to come speak at your parish or prolife event but couldn’t coordinate it?  Now you have the next best thing – our new DVD:  Aborted Fetal Vaccines and Beyond – Letting Just a Little Evil In  Check it out at

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