The Greater Evil: The Third Party Candidate

One might compare this to a person who notices 10 people in the water drowning. His lifeboat only has room for seven so does he say, “Well I can’t save them all so I will let them all drown?” Would he not instead try to save as many as possible?

Reprogramming Pro-lifer’s Minds – Part II

In response to the latest erroneous reporting on reprogramming of adult stem cell cells: Should Pro-Life People Object to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells?  we offer our comments to Ms Taylor’s line of thinking which is grossly misinformed.  Beginning with her points, our comments of response follow…. Taylor: So what are some of the pro-life

Reprogrammed stem cells are no pro-life panacea

For Immediate Release:  Sept 10, 2012 (Clearwater, FL) Children of God for Life is reporting that recent news stories touting the success of turning adult blood into embryonic-like stem cells is once again, off the mark as far as being research done in a fully moral manner.  In various publications, writers noted last week that

New DVD Exposes Truth on Aborted Fetal Vaccines

Brand new at Children of God for Life!  Ever wanted us to come speak at your parish or prolife event but couldn’t coordinate it?  Now you have the next best thing – our new DVD:  Aborted Fetal Vaccines and Beyond – Letting Just a Little Evil In  Check it out at

SCPI June 2012 newsletter

Read the latest news from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical…blacklisted in their grant applications?  Why?  As one of the two plaintiffs in the Federal lawsuit against Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama Administration’s funding of embryonic stem cell research, Dr Theresa Deisher faces an uphill battle to provide moral alternatives to aborted fetal vaccines.  Read more – get

Forsaking God For the Sake of Science

“What have you done? Listen: your brother’s blood cries out to me…” (Gn 4:10)

Twelve-year-old celebrates victory in Pepsi boycott after leading petition effort

Gene Rosa (picture with his baby sister Gianna) was appalled that Pepsi had contracted with a company that was using cells derived from an aborted fetus in flavor research.

With the recent success of the pro-life boycott against PepsiCo, relieved pro-lifers all over the country are cracking open cans of Mountain Dew, but few are more gratified than twelve-year-old Gene Rosa, who was in the midst of an effort to end Pepsi consumption in every Catholic school in his diocese.

An end to the Pepsi Boycott!

Pepsi Boycott Over

Since we broke the news in March 2011 about the use of aborted fetal cell lines by Senomyx to test its food and beverage flavor enhancers for several food giants, the public has responded with greater outrage and disgust than we have seen in more than a decade of our work – that is –

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