New autism studies do not disprove link between autism and vaccines

Recent studies published in the journal of Pediatrics attempt to dismiss any correlation between vaccines and autism.  However, their studies actually support the theory of the aborted fetal DNA/vaccine link.  Read more!

June 2014 SCPI Newsletter

“Scientific research : the bodies of aborted babies are not replacing dogs and monkeys in research.  They are replacing rats and mice.”    Read the latest news!

Spring 2014 News- Autism study update

Read the latest update from our partners at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute – Autism update and much more  

Baby Victor – Laid to rest after 50 years

This child had been rejected, unwanted and unloved. And he deserved to be accepted and raised to the dignity God had intended.

Immunizations Against Shingles, Hepatitis-A and Rabies – A Prolife Guide

Check out the latest article by Don Henz  on the moral dilemma of adult vaccines produced with aborted fetal cell lines.

- Update on Senomyx Partners & Products – April 2013

Read the latest update on the Senomyx/Pepsi/Other Partners and Products on the boycott – or click here for the updated boycott list of Senomyx partners and all other aborted fetal products.

Sound Choice Easter 2013 News

1) The CDC reports autism spectrum disorders now afflict 1 in 50 US children In addition to epidemic levels of autism spectrum disorder, we also have epidemic levels of several other childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, including childhood onset schizophrenia, childhood bipolar disorder and intellectual disability. All of these neurodevelopmental disorders have been associated with de novo (new)

The Homicide of Terri Schindler-Schiavo

By Debi Vinnedge As Holy Week begins and we reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ, it is especially appropriate to remember another person who eight years ago at this time was subjected to a tortuous, brutal and heinous death – one whose anniversary falls this year on Easter Sunday: Terri Schindler-Schiavo. And just as