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For the past several months, PepsiCo has been issuing the following letters in response to customer complaints.  Don't be fooled - they are NOT being honest - and we have all the proof you need!
Here are a couple of PepsiCo's form letters:


Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo to share your thoughtful comments. We value your feedback and appreciate your interest in our products. For competitive reasons, it has been our standard practice not to comment on specific research processes; however, we do understand and are sensitive to your question. Please know that PepsiCo does not conduct or fund research that utilizes any human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Pepsi Consumer Relations

Our Response

                This is an automated and very deceitful response because the cell line being used is called "human embryonic kidney" though it was actually from an abortion in the fetal stage (post 8 weeks) which means they are doing aborted fetal cell line research, not cells from embryos. Now the aborted fetal cells are also reproduced and frozen, reproduced and frozen and so maybe they are trying to be clever saying the cells did not come from an embryo - because they came from the lab.  But of course its all semantics and of course, they are patently lying.  Even PepsiCo lawyers did not deny they were funding the research in response to the shareholder who filed a resolution with the SEC in November against PepsiCo.

                They are certainly funding research for Senomyx and we have it on their own letterhead admitting it.  That letter can be found at: http://cogforlife.org/pepsiresponse.pdf    They paid $30 million up front for the research and development which the local media reported on in the Wall Street Journal:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704554104575435312538637530.html   and the stock market - http://www.dailymarkets.com/stock/2010/08/19/pepsico-senomyx-in-sweetener-deal/   

           (As to Senomyx using aborted fetal cell line, HEK-293 (human embryonic kidney) that information is readily available in their own patents and we have included that information below.)

Pepsi Response No. 2


Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo. There are no stem cells, cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses, or fetal tissues in any PepsiCo products. The integrity of our products is critical to PepsiCo, and we use only ingredients that meet all government and other regulatory standards. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Caitlin Conway
PepsiCo Consumer Relations

Our Response - Letter No. 2

                This is pure semantics - shame on them.  No one ever said there were stem cells or fetal tissues or cell lines IN the PepsiCo products, nor did anyone say the products using Senomyx flavor enhancers are in CURRENT products.  But they will be in FUTURE products unless PepsiCo severs ties with Senomyx or chooses not to take advantage of the results from the $30 million they have invested in the research, development and discovery of those flavor enhancers using aborted fetal cell line, HEK-293.  We intend to continue our boycott of all Pepsi products and will encourage our family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

Senomyx and Partners – All the Proof You Need

UPDATE:  Proof No. 1:  PepsiCo attorneys plead with the SEC to exclude the shareholder resolution filed in October 2011.  Were it not true that they are funding the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the research, development and discovery of new flavor enhancers, they would have answered in one brief paragraph asking for dismissal.  They did not do this.  Read PepsiCo attorneys letter here.

Since issuing our first press release on March 29, 2011 regarding the work of Senomyx using aborted fetal cell lines to produce artificial flavor enhancers for several major food giants, the public has responded to these companies with letters and phone calls expressing their concern, shock and utter disgust.  Unfortunately, both Senomyx and their partners have been less than honest in their responses to the public, causing even further confusion to the public, even to the point of convincing some that its simply not true.  We have compiled the following information to help you in your boycott and letter writing efforts in order to ensure this undeniable truth is no longer kept hidden from the public. 

So let's start right out with the undisputable fact that aborted fetal cell lines are indeed being used by Senomyx in the research and development of artificial flavor enhancers.

I. List of their patents
Senomyx has 77 patents on file with the US Patent office, 70 of which cite their use of HEK (human embryonic kidney) cells. See:

Because this is often too technical to sort through or understand by anyone who is not a biochemist, following is a citation from one of their “umani” or savory taste receptors:
Patent: 7,906,328, March 15, 2011 "Cell lines that express hetero oligomeric taste receptors."

".....Generation of Cell Lines that Inducibly Co-Express T1R1/T1R3 which Selectively Respond to Umami Taste Stimuli

T1R1/T1R3 HEK 293 cell lines that stably expressed the umami taste receptor display robust improved activity relative to transiently transfected cites. However, a disadvantage is that they can rapidly lose activity during cell propagation. …To overcome the instability of the T1R1/T1R3 stable cell lines, the HEK-G.sub..alpha.15 cells have been engineered to inducibly express T1R1/T1R3 using the GeneSwitch system (Invitrogen). pGene-derived zeocin-resistant expression vectors for human T1R1 and T1R3 (plasmid SXV603 for T1R1 and SXV611 for T1R3) and a puromycin-resistant pSwitch-derived vector that carries the GeneSwitch protein (plasmid SXV628) were linearized and cotransfected into the HEK-G.sub..alpha.15 cell line. Zeocin-resistant and puromycin-resistant colonies were selected expanded induced with variable amounts of mifepristone, and tested by calcium imaging for responses to umami taste stimuli. .."

Note the use of mifepristone, better known as RU-486 to help stabilize the cells. If the HEK was an actual product ingredient not only would it be literal cannibalism, the human ingestion of aborted fetal cell lines modified by the abortifacient RU-486 would present huge safety concerns as well.  Click here for further information on the aborted fetal cell line HEK-293

II. Fact vs Fiction
There have been numerous misconceptions on the aborted fetal cell lines, their source and exactly how Senomyx is using them. Here are just that both consumers and we have been hearing:

Aborted fetal cell lines are in food products.

They are not in the final product consumed by the public. Instead they are used in the research and development of the artificial flavor enhancers. These aborted fetal cells possess proteins that express taste receptors which produce a chemical signal that lets Senomyx researchers know they have achieved the exact flavor they are trying to develop.

These human fetal cells are the only ones that could be used to discover better tasting foods.

There are numerous types of morally acceptable cells that could be used, including Chinese Hamster ovary, morally obtained human cells and – as Senomyx notes in many of their patents – even insect cells work just fine.

These embryonic stem cell lines are not related to abortion in any way since they are really only descendent cells of those from the original aborted baby’s kidney 30 years ago.

Whether a cell line is taken from an abortion done today, yesterday, a year ago or 30 years ago makes no difference. It is still a human cell line, fetal in character with complete DNA intact from the original aborted child. Anything less would render it useless for human applications. It is also not an embryonic stem cell. It is fetal age kidney cells, that is, it was derived from an aborted baby beyond 8 weeks gestation. Morally, it makes no difference whether or not an abortion was done 30 years ago or today either.  Time does not diminish the original act of evil, nor does it lessen the culpability those who knowingly and willingly utilize the remains of aborted children for profit.

III. List of Senomyx partners
Senomyx lists those who are in collaboration with their efforts: http://senomyx.com/collaborations/

Just in case they decide to take this down too, we did a webpage snapshot of the document:  http://www.cogforlife.org/senomyxPartnerProof.pdf 

(Or just do a google search for their financial press releases with the secular media) 

Originally posted under Partners and Collaborators:

“Senomyx is collaborating with leading global food, beverage, and ingredient supply companies to develop and commercialize our flavor ingredients. We have entered into exclusive or co-exclusive product discovery and development collaborations with Ajinomoto Co. Inc.; Cadbury Adams USA LLC, a unit of Kraft Foods Inc.; Firmenich SA; Nestlé SA; PepsiCo; and Solae”

“Sweet” Deal for Senomyx
“Our collaborators are responsible for manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing their foods, beverages, or ingredient supplies that include Senomyx ingredients. This arrangement allows Senomyx to benefit from our partners' prominent brand recognition, global market presence, established sales and distribution channels, and other industry-specific expertise. Through our collaboration agreements, we have received and expect to continue to receive a combination of upfront license fee payments, research and development funding, and milestone payments. In addition, Senomyx will receive royalties from the sales of our collaborators' products that contain our flavor ingredients. These royalty payments will continue through the lifetime of patents covering the Senomyx ingredients incorporated into the products, allowing us to participate in the revenue generated as our collaborators sell their products, grow their sales, and establish new markets.”

IV. Partners’ Admission and Deception
Following are excerpts from the letters we and thousands of consumers have received from Senomyx and their partners. You will notice a gross deception on their part – yet they never deny the collaboration with Senomyx. It is important to remember: We have never said that the aborted fetal cell lines are IN the final product – just that we object to using them for the research and development. And since the collaborators are funding the actual research and development, they bear responsibility with Senomyx to ensure that morally acceptable methods are used.

Pepsi continues to deceive the public with their responses to consumer complaints.  And we deeply appreciate those who are not letting them get away with it! Here is the latest from one determined consumer - God bless her!

To: consumerrelations@cr.pepsi.com
Subject: RE: A Message from PepsiCo Consumer Relations 012855634A

PepsiCo -

Your response does not address my deep concern.  I'm aware the Senomyx does not provide you with ingredients or manufacture your products.  PepsiCo's contract with Senomyx funds and supports its "beverage sweetener research" using the cells of an aborted human fetus. 

Entirely regardless of "FDA requirements" being met or "well-established and long-approved research processes" being used by Senomyx, it uses the remains of an aborted human being to provide PepsiCo with the resulting information or products.

This is what we roundly reject.  It works insidiously to degrade and devalue human life, resulting in a broader, deeper social decline threatening us all - broken families, rampant STDs, violent crime, negative health and emotional effects of abortion, mounting threats of euthanasia, etc - and that, ultimately, cannot be good for PepsiCo's survival and growth either.

Again, I ask PepsiCo to terminate its contract with Senomyx immediately and take advantage of other "well-established" research that does not utilize human remains to accomplish its goals.

From: consumerrelations@cr.pepsi.com [mailto:consumerrelations@cr.pepsi.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:00 PM
Subject: A Message from PepsiCo Consumer Relations 012855634A

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo. We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and would like to take a moment to share some information we hope you will find helpful.

First, Senomyx does not provide ingredients to PepsiCo, nor do they manufacture PepsiCo products. Our work with Senomyx is focused on beverage sweetener research to help us reduce sugar in future global products. The integrity of our products is critical to PepsiCo as well as our consumers, and we use only ingredients that meet FDA requirements. Senomyx utilizes well-established and long-approved research processes that are widely used today by many companies within the food and beverage industry. As with each of our research partners, Senomyx is required to meet all relevant industry and government regulatory standards in all its processes and methods.

Thanks again for writing.

Pepsi Consumer Relations



Update:  June 2, 2011 - Want to really get the boycott going? 
Click here to download and print our one page flyer and start handing them out!


Update: May 26, 2011 - Pepsi still doesn't get it!  Do they think that this "gold standard" of research makes it somehow morally acceptable to exploit the remains of aborted babies for profit? Here is how PepsiCo is responding to the latest boycott letters from the public:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for contacting us to share your sincere concerns.

Please be assured that PepsiCo is committed to using only the highest ethical methods in all aspects of our research. This is something we take very seriously, and we hold ourselves and all of our research partners to the same high standards as the world’s leading research centers.

With respect to the flavor discovery research with Senomyx, we utilize techniques that have been the gold standard for several decades by top universities, hospitals, U.S. government agencies, and essentially every pharmaceutical and biotech company in the world. Yet, there is some misinformation being circulated meant to distort what we’re doing and question our motives and those of other companies. This is unfortunate, and it is certainly not reflective of the work we are doing.

We hope this information is helpful and reassuring. Thank you again for reaching out to us and allowing us to clarify the situation.

Pepsi Consumer Relations


Senomyx Responds to our first press release:
"This information you referenced is NOT correct. It would be illegal and unethical to use human cells of any kind in food products. I hope this is helpful for you. We appreciate your concern."

When confronted with the actual facts of how they are using the aborted fetal cell lines, Senomyx does not respond to consumers, nor to CBS news interviews.

Solae Responds:
"This letter is to inform you that Solae does not currently have an active relationship with Senomyx nor do we have any plans for one in the future at this time. Our recent recognition by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the “World’s Most Ethical” companies for the second year in a row signifies how seriously we take ethical business practices both at Solae and with our collaborative partners. While we cannot speak to what Senomyx may or may not be doing to test food flavor enhancers, we can confirm that we are not involved in this for our products.”

The facts speak for themselves as one bright consumer noted in response:

“Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding your affiliation with Senomyx. Please see their website at http://senomyx.com/collaborations/   - where they list Solae as a "collaborator". They also list you under their partnerships - http://senomyx.com/collaborations/partnerships.htm  I am very concerned that Senomyx would misrepresent itself to investors and the public in general, especially if it means harm in any way to your company name. You may want to contact their management to get this resolved with them.”

To date, Solae has not responded, nor have they been removed from Senomyx list as Campbell Soup was after they severed ties. Is Solae being honest? You decide.

Nestlé Response: Via US Mail Nestle 1,  Nestle 2,  Nestle 3
Each of the above letters are a progression of deception on the part of Nestle. After our first press release, Nestle responded in a series of emails in which the smart consumer held their feet to the fire!

"Thanks for your email re Nestle and Senomyx. You are misinformed. Senomyx is not a supplier to Nestle. The media isn't the gospel. It's just the media." - Roddy Child-Villiers, Nestlé

Consumer Responds:
They didn't say that Senomyx is a "supplier" to Nestle (which is how you phrased it). They've stated that Synomex does TESTING for Nestle. Are you denying that Nestle has any current involvement with Senomyx? Are you also denying that Nestle has, at least until recently, had involvement with Senomyx?"

Nestlé Responds:
"Sir, again you are mistaken. I am sorry that you chose to believe your anonymous organization over Nestle. We do not have a relationship with Senomyx/synomex. If they were doing testing for us, they would be a supplier of services to us. Since I evidently have no credibility with you, I have nothing further to say." Roddy Child-Villiers, Nestlé

Consumer Responds
"Dear Roddy,
Please view the letter from Nestle available at this URL: http://www.cogforlife.org/nestle3.pdf
 There, you will see a letter from Nestle acknowledging the relationship between Nestle and Synomex. What is your response to this?"

Nestlé Responds – and finally admits the truth:
"Apologies, I work on the basis that when I source info from colleagues it is correct/true. I am livid that this apparently isn't. As I said, I'll revert tomorrow." Roddy Child-Villiers, Nestlé

Kraft/Cadbury Adams LLC Responds:
"Thank you for taking the time to contact Kraft Foods. I understand and appreciate your concerns regarding Kraft and its affiliation with Senomyx. Our highest priority is the safety and quality of our products and the safety of our consumers. All of the flavors we use are approved and deemed safe for food use by regulatory agencies, including the FDA. Our collaboration with Senomyx is to discover novel ingredients that positively impact food flavors, similar to what already is being widely used in foods and beverages today." Kim McMiller, Associate Director, Consumer Relations

PepsiCo Responds:
Response via US Mail prior to our first press release:
“We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”

Response after March 29 Press Release: http://cogforlife.org/senomyxpartnersrespond.htm
“Unfortunately, there is some misinformation being circulated related to research techniques that have been used for decades by universities, hospitals, government agencies, and private companies around the world. These claims are meant to suggest that human fetal tissue is somehow used in our research. That is both inaccurate and something we would never do or even consider. It also is inaccurate to suggest that tissue or cells somehow are being used as product ingredients. That’s dangerous, unethical and against the law. Every ingredient in every one of our products is reviewed and approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

PepsiCo Response when confronted with fact:
“Thank you for your additional reply and for sharing your sincere feelings regarding this topic. Please know that I will forward your sentiments to our senior management team to be sure that they fully understand your position."

PepsiCo Response after official boycott begins:
“With respect to the flavor discovery research with Senomyx, we utilize techniques that have been the gold standard for several decades by top universities, hospitals, U.S. government agencies, and essentially every pharmaceutical and biotech company in the world. Yet, there is some misinformation being circulated meant to distort what we’re doing and question our motives and those of other companies. This is unfortunate, and it is certainly not reflective of the work we are doing.”

What none of these companies seem to understand is how deeply their actions offend the moral sensibilities of the public. As noted on our PepsiCo Boycott flyer: www.cogforlife.org/pepsiflyer.pdf 

Well we have a message for PepsiCo. We who are pro-life have a “gold standard” too. And that means we defend the sanctity of all human life including respect for the remains of innocent aborted babies which PepsiCo is exploiting for profit.”

Beware Nestlé, Solae and Cadbury Adams LLC: You are next in line for an official public boycott of your products unless you convince Senomyx to change their methods or sever your ties with them completely.

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