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Aborted Fetal Vaccines

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Aborted Fetal Vaccines And Autism:
Is aborted fetal DNA in vaccines connected to Autism?


Would it surprise you to know that prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine that was produced using aborted fetal cell lines, the rate of autism in the United States was 1 in 10,000?  Would it surprise you to learn that the dates coinciding with vaccine mandates state by state also coincide with a rise in autism?  In 1995 another spike in autism rate surged.  Why?  The chickenpox vaccine, which uses aborted fetal cell lines was introduced to the US market that same year.  Would it surprise you to learn that in other countries, the same spikes in autism correlate to the introduction of aborted fetal vaccines?  As our new partners, Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute is discovering, the link is too much of a coincidence to be ignored.  Read their latest studies - including the fact that aborted fetal DNA is way beyond the FDA requirement of no more than 10 ng.


June 2010:  SCPI study at International Meeting for Autism Research

For Scientific Data:     Homologous Recombination Study and  Sociological Study  and the Abstract
May 2010:  Puget Sound Business Journal highlights research grant for ethical vaccines

April 2010 newsletter - Autism link, grant given for continued study

Dec 2009 newsletter - More on the Aborted Fetal DNA/autism link

June 2009 newsletter - Is Aborted Fetal DNA linked to Autism?
Press Release: 
Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute


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